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This herbal tea is known by many names - Redbush tea, Rooibos, Bush tea, Rooibosch etc. It comes from the plant Aspalathus linearis, which usually grows in a small mountainous area of South Africa. The leaves are usually fermented, which produces the distinctive reddish-brown colour and enhances the flavour. This tea is perceived to have antioxidant properties and, as it has no caffeine, is used to reduce oxidative stress.

Our Rooibos has a refreshing taste, that is full-bodied and slightly nutty. It is one of the most delicious we have tried

Moo and Two
Brew tips

Use one teaspoon per 6 ounces of water. Bring fresh water to the boil and add to the tea. Leave to steep for 2-5 minutes, according to your taste. Rooibos can be drunk with lemon, honey or milk. Some love adding vanilla.

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